Restore Your Smile Today With Dental Implants

Cutting Edge Dental Technology Combined With Concentrated, Compassionate Care


Dental implants are being used as a means for dental restoration more and more these days as an increasingly viable alternative to traditional dentures. Believe it or not, nearly 70% of Americans are missing at least one tooth, requiring dental implants, full mouth traditional dentures, or a variety of other restorative dental procedures.

Dentures will eventually change in shape and affect your ability to speak and chew. You can experience loose dentures which aren’t fun for anyone. Dental implants are a more stabilized option, because your implant is connected to a titanium post that is placed into your jawbone, acting as an artificial root.

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, whether it’s during an activity like a contact sport, or during times when you’d least expect it. As we age, it becomes more likely that we can lose a tooth, which can cause problems for your teeth and mouth down the road. If you let a missing tooth go untreated or ignored, it can promote bone loss in that area of your jaw, which will give way to more deterioration and possibly even more tooth loss. Losing a tooth and letting it go untreated can also cause bit misalignment due to tooth crowding, as your teeth shift to fill in the blank space.

California Dental Implants Specialists can provide dental implant treatments that will restore your teeth and mouth to its normal appearance. Contact our office today and we’ll schedule your initial consultation. We’ll determine the best possible course of treatment for you and put you on the path towards having a million dollar smile again.

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