Recovering from Dental Implants

Recover From Dental Implant Treatment
We will help guide you throughout your treatment process including your post surgery recovery

Getting dental implants is an oral surgery that will require you to recover for a period of time after the surgery has been carried out. Fortunately, this surgery is relatively easy to recover from, and you can be back to normal in as little as a few days. In this article, we will discuss what steps you can take to ensure a speedy recovery.

How to Recover After Getting Dental Implants

Following your surgery, you should expect some degree of swelling and possible discomfort. Most people experience minimal pain, but this can vary depending on your pain threshold. Taking the right steps to care for your mouth following your surgery is one of the most important things that you can do.

Clean Your Surgery Site Daily

Cleaning the areas impacted by your surgery is a very important part of the care that you will want to keep up on following surgery. Most people choose to do this by rinsing with salt water multiple times throughout the day for a couple of days after the surgery. This can help to keep away dangerous bacteria and promote healing. Your surgeon might have other recommendations for your approach to cleaning, so always listen to their directions.

Avoid Eating Solid Foods for 1 to 2 Days

One of the best ways to recover quickly from this surgery is to avoid anything that could be potentially damaging to the surgery site. This means liquid diets might just be your best friend—but it is also important to avoid straws, so keep that in mind. By sticking to liquids, you can help your mouth to heal more quickly and keep it from taking on any additional damage. 

Take Pain Medication

Pain medication is a wonderful way to make your recovery more comfortable following surgery. Though some people are prescribed medication, most people make do with over-the-counter options like Tylenol, which can be used to alleviate any lingering pain or discomfort. As a bonus, it will also help to reduce swelling in the area.

Ask Your Oral Surgeon What You Need to Know

To ensure that you have a great recovery that goes by quickly, ask your oral surgeon directly what you need to know. Every surgeon has little bits of information that can help you to recover more quickly. Since they will understand what was done, they can provide valuable insights regarding your aftercare.

The Takeaway

After surgery, it is always a good idea to take active steps to assist in your recovery. When you do exactly what the surgeon suggests, you will find that it is much easier to recover in a timely fashion. If you experience any extreme pain or signs of infection, be sure to contact your dentist immediately to get everything checked out. Following surgery, keeping an eye out for potential problems can save you pain and complications. If you have any questions, you can always contact your oral surgeon for a little extra help.

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